Top 20 NuGet monogame Packages

MonoGame library for audio management
MonoGame library for menus and game state management
MonoGame library to simplify drawing normal-mapped images
Cocos2D-Mono for DesktopGL (OpenGL Desktop Platforms)
Easily manage the window resolution of an MonoGame project
Content Pipeline importers and processors to make MonoGame more awesome.
Manage tap points on a touchscreen game in MonoGame
Cocos2D-Mono for Windows (DX)
Cocos2D-Mono for UWP (Windows Universal)
Cocos2D-Mono for Android
It makes MonoGame more awesome.
A very simple particle engine for Monogame projects
Graphics makes MonoGame more awesome.
Ninject dependency wrapper for use with infrastructure projects
A library that emulates old-school console and command prompt style graphics.
A MonoGame lib for sharing gameplay on social media
A MonoGame lib for sharing things on social media
A reactive take on the ECS pattern for .net game developers
A set of convention based classes to speed up the setup of projects using EcsRx
MonoGame.Aseprite is a cross-platform C# library that adds support to MonoGame projects for Aseprite (.asepirte/.ase) files.