Top 20 NuGet monogame Packages

For situations where you need a full-fledged physics simulation Nez provides the Farseer Physics Engine. Farseer physics is entirely optional and currently experimental/in development.
Provides core types and classes to use Graffiti on the Windows Phone 7 platform
Provides core types and classes to use Graffiti on the Windows 8 (Win RT) platform
Cocos2D-XNA is a simple game engine typically used for 2D games, educational software and 2D visualizations. This code allows games to be built with a write-once, run-anywhere approach. This package will add the Cocos2D-XNA dependencies to a Windows XNA game.
MonoGame module for Gemini, providing WPF integration for MonoGame content.
Inspector.MonoGame module for Gemini, adding editors for MonoGame types to the Inspector module.
Terrarium provides a great way for developers to learn about the .NET programming model and language as they develop creatures and introduce them into a peer-to-peer ecosystem.
CocosSharp's Custome Content Importers for Mac.
Pipeline tool for building CocosSharp's Content on Windows.
Quake-style console allowing for in-game user input.
This is a simple MonoGame menu.
A simple 2D camera for Monogame.
Collision detection for Axis-Aligned-Bounding-Boxes (aka AABB).
Simple MonoGame library for a rectangle that uses float values instead of int
Sprites with bone-like hierarchy Transformations for MonoGame projects.
Basic scene graph (node-based transformations) for 3D MonoGame projects.
RevMob integration for MonoGame.Android and MonoGame.iOS
MonoGame.Spritesheet pipeline extensions
Simple helper for creating sprite based animations for Monogame.
GDS Particle System for Monogame (Windows) - Orginally written for Microsoft XNA