Is this an official NuGet website?
No. This site is not related to the official NuGet website.

My package is not listed. What can I do?
The database is synced every night with the NuGet package feed. If your package is not listed in 24 hours, please contact us.

My package has a lot of downloads but is not listed in the top 20?
Make your package score higher by getting more +1s for your package.

How do you determine the score for a package?
It's a secret ranking system based on multiple values. It includes number of downloads, +1s, release date, availability of a documentation url etc. This can change any time, as the algorithm is getting tweaked.

Why did you create this site? We already have nuget.org?
There are so many good NuGet packages out there, but it's hard to know which one to use in a specific scenario. The official NuGet site is not targeted at discovering new packages, this site is!

Which NuGet packages did you use to build this website?
This site is build using help of these quickstart packages. But they are currently out of date.
For the Google and Microsoft user login, Azure ACS is used.
EntityFramework is used as ORM
Unity for Dependency Injection
Twitter Bootstrap for css.
MvcDonutCaching for caching.