Top 20 NuGet builder Packages

The Fluent Builder Pattern without all the manual work.
Sql sentence builder
SharePoint CAML query builder - Build CAML queries using Lambda Expression with simple POCOs.
A fluent link builder for
Easily build XML-based mails and send them using C# code.
An app config based configuration for Imgix-Dotnet a fluent link builder.
Interfaces for the fluent ribbon builder for Excel add-in - Add-in X
Caelan Framework for class building
Regular Expression Pattern Builder
Yet another testing framework.
This package contains some extension methods for Exceptions and Enums. Also contains a PredicateBuilder for Expressions.
A query builder for MySQL.
A query builder for Oracle.
Use expressions to build objects for use in unit tests
A query builder for SQL.
Simple poco builder for test.
A class library for generating an MSBuild command-line
This package contains a configuration adapter for the CG.Builder library.
Fluent sql query string builder for .net
Testing helpers with builder and ability to populate values directly in xUnit tests