Top 20 NuGet builder Packages

A .NET Standard 2.0 library that provides a fluent API for building SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 messages.
Allows you to install templates which can help you to use EasyQuery components in your ASP.NET Core project: create new controllers and views, add necessary script files, etc.
Provides static wrapper for repository factory for those who cannot or do not want to use dependency injection
EasyDapper core components and interfaces. Supports implementation of SQL statement builders that are made available within an implementation of the Repository pattern.
Implementation of Dapper executor for Microsoft SQL Server
Provides extensions for testing usage of SqlRepo components
Class library used to dynamically generate PDF documents.
ASP.NET MVC and HtmlTags integration. HTML controls builder.
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.
A Simple Object Builder for creating Test Objects.
Migrating from full framework to .netstandard
Regex Modeling
DotCAML is a .NET CAML builder based on camljs by Andrei Markeev.
A NuGet package which can be used to easily create item and project templates for Visual Studio.
Build IComparer and IEqualityComparer objects using natural language syntax.
Automatic convention based population of test objects. Also includes a number of useful helper methods such as generating random strings, ints, doubles, generic lists & property types such as email, urls, postalcodes, telephone numbers etc. Multi Language data generation including English, Traditi...
Builds on Microsoft.AspNetCore.JsonPatch to generate JSON patch documents by comparing or observing changes to C# objects.
Nibiru is a library to help application development.
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.