Top 20 NuGet builder Packages

A C# library for building projects and executing deployment scripts using C# code. A detailed example of how Flubu is used to build example project:
Testing helpers, incl.. Generic Builder to delegate instance creation for testing data using Mocks, Pocos or whatever Resource Finder, simplify getting hold of embedded resources in your tests Benchmark, time how long your code takes, run iterations or time-to-stop benchmarks
Provides core functionality lacking in Entity Framework.
This is a generic builder class which separates off the business of creation into a reusable component. Its a quick step to get into the builder pattern which is useful for building loads of things, hierarchical things, fluent interfaces for configuring things and all that.
Automatically creates macro's for MacroPartials, templates for views and doctypes from xml files containing the doctype definition.
Helper class for generating code concisely.
Queries.Core Class Library
A collection of generic WPF controls (no licensed third party software present).
This package provides the MonoGame Content Builder project integration.
Allows you to install templates which can help you to use EasyQuery components in your ASP.NET Core project: create new controllers and views, add necessary script files, etc.
A modest way to build objects
HL7v2 message builder and parser.
A NuGet package which can be used to easily create item and project templates for Visual Studio using the dotnet Template Engine (
Provides a module for registering SqlRepo.SqlServer components in IoC container using NInject
It helps in generating complex queries, optimizing code and generating more flexibility, making it easier to maintain and create complex queries with less bureaucracy.
A free .NET library to help you to build sql strings using C# object notation, making easier to write conditional queries with no hard-typed strings on the code.
Build a versioned database from sql script files in a directory structure. Documentation:
Base class for composable builder types
This middleware will show a 'typing' event whenever a long running operation is occurring in your bot or other middeware components in the pipeline, providing a visual cue to the user that your bot is doing something.
Provides an Autofac module to simplify the registration of components in IoC