Top 20 NuGet builder Packages

A C# Server side component for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin
A simple library for building C# code from functions
Micro library to help with building sets of file/directory paths
Criação de objetos com foco em testes - versão em português do FluentBuilder.
Build claims for authenticated user and construct a user object from claims.
Implementation of the fluent ribbon buider for Excel Add-in. We recommend to add the AddinX.Ribbon.ExcelDna package to use the fluent ribbon with Excel-DNA.
Caelan Framework for class building
OracleSqlBuilder is a data-access API for Oracle.
Quickly build simple reports in Excel OpenXML format.
Entity Framework Core Extensions (EFCE) provides extension methods to help build entities through Entity Framework Core.
.NET Sql Builder and Generator
Connect BotBuilder projects without the need to go through the MS bot development portal
Extension for Topshelf to be able to host any type of application, not just a Console Application.
A builder class offering various of data types representing common items such as names.
Queries.Renderers.SqlServer Class Library
QueryBuilder allows you to create queries against a database, describing them as an object, without using tools such as LinqToSql, ORM, etc. and generate their SQL code in the syntax of the DBMS used
Build validators for forms (IFormCollection) and queries (IQueryCollection) using a simple fluent interface
.NET Conversation modelling library for building bots with Bot Builder SDK V4.
Middleware extensions for Bot Builder v4 SDK that allows you to match a message receieved from a bot user against a list of strings and then carry out an appropriate action. Matching does not have to be exact and you can set the threshold as to how closely the message should match with an item in th...
Core components for utilizing the builder pattern in test object construction.