Top 20 NuGet await Packages

Introduces IAsyncEnumerable, IAsyncEnumerator, ForEachAsync(), and ParallelForEachAsync() GitHub: PROBLEM SPACE Helps to (a) create an element provider, where producing an element can take a lot of time due to dependency on other asynchronous events (e.g. ...
Checks for `ConfigureAwait(false)` usage. More info: * * *
A helper library for the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
[.NET 4.6.1+] - DisposableObservable: a class for creating Observable sequences with TPL easily as Observable.Create - [IObservable].Serialize: wrap all subscriptions into a single ISubject against the sourcing observable - [IObservable].AsAsync: execute all functions on TPL - [IObservable].Fork: a...
Gear for making components.
A commandline host for Ceen.Httpd
A fork of Dapper with additional QueryAsync methods using .NET Framework 4.5's Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern.
A lightweight HTTP compliant web server written in C# with full async/await implementation
Model-View-Controller package for Ceen.Httpd
When using dependency injection and async-await pattern it is possible to end up with an interface with a method that returns a Task. If this interface method is used in a synchronous method there is a likelihood that it will erroneously be run as a fire and forget method. In this situation this ana...
Login and security package for Ceen.Httpd
Includes AsyncCommand and IAsyncCommand which allows ICommand to safely be used asynchronously with Task.
Async-friendly format for stack traces and exceptions
An extension method to safely fire-and-forget a Task
Database and ORM support for Ceen.Httpd
C# LINQ Async extension methods library for async/await task.
Useful extensions contribution by Bnaya Eshet Blog: Source Code: # NuGet this library available on NuGet via Install-Package Bnaya.CSharp.AsyncExtensions ## This library have the following godies: * Except...
Gear for caching stuff.
Stop copying and pasting code in order to support Async/Await! Shaolinq.AsyncRewriter generates async methods from your sync methods using Roslyn. AsyncRewriter is used extensively by the Shaolinq ORM/LINQ project.
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.