Top 20 NuGet await Packages

A light-weight, async/non-blocking Memcached client for .NET
REST framework Restful.Net makes it easier to make a pure restful service, without being bogged down by huge frameworks that can, but is not quite built to make restful services.
BlobContainerSynchronizer and BlobSynchronizer manage keeping local files up to date with what's stored in your Azure Storage container/blob. The system uses the .NET 4.5+ async-await pattern to keep the thread requirements of the synchronization lightweight.
The AzureDistributedService library provides a framework for making remote procedure calls (RPC) from front-end clients (WebRoles/WebSites) to back-end VMs (WorkerRoles) using Azure Storage Queues. The system is easy to set-up and the calls look like simple RPC calls. The system internally uses .NET...
Helpers for MVVM-friendly asynchronous operations. Supported Platforms: * .NET Framework 4.5 * .NET Core 1.0 * Silverlight 5 * Windows 8 * Windows Phone Silverlight 8 * Windows Phone 8.1 * Xamarin.Android * Xamarin.iOS * .NET Standard 1.0 * Portable Class Libraries
AsyncMVVM library Calculated Properties integration. Supported Platforms: * .NET Framework 4.5 * Silverlight 5 * Windows 8 * Windows Phone Silverlight 8 * Windows Phone 8.1 * Xamarin.Android * Xamarin.iOS * Portable Class Libraries
Miminum set of the async/await portability libarary.
async/await bridge with IteratorTasks + MinimumAsyncBridge.
Helper tools to improve testability of Entity Framework-based code using async calls
Model-View-Controller package for Ceen.Httpd
Utilities for working with tasks and awaitables in .NET.
Helper to safely run a Task from a codebase not async.
Extends the FSharp.Control namespace to add Operations, a Railway-Oriented Programming framework compatible with Async Worfklows and the Task Parallel Library (TPL), including a Computation Expression Builder and library functions.
.NET Standard library that provides an extension method for Tasks to forget them once they are fired.
Login and security package for Ceen.Httpd
Observe processes like a push stream of data or await their results. Orchestrate and work declaratively with processes.
Database and ORM support for Ceen.Httpd
Provides awaitable dialogs using bootstrap modals
This is the public library for, a free and simple single-source web application for monitoring all your application layers using Tcp, Websocket, and/or WebAPI / Http.
Quick Installer for the Async Await Library for .net 4.0 projects (VS 2010)