Top 20 NuGet await Packages

Quick State Machine for handling states with dedicated class, simple and elegant.
.NET Portable Class Library that provides awaitable synchronization primitives for use with code employing the Task abstraction for modeling asynchronous operations.
await any kind objects.
Helper utility with some basic extensions for coding using async/await.
EzNetworking - A simple to use tcp server / client library
Set of methods to facilitate waiting a certain amount of time for a delegate to evaluate, while ignoring certain exceptions while attempting to evaluate, and throwing after a specified time limit (or throwing immediately if an unexpected exception is encountered)
Package Description
Asynchronous and synchronous lock with two priorities in C#
Extras for Ceen
ConfigureAwait(true) and ConfigureAwait(false) are very important when dealing with asynchronous code. However, they make code hard to read and easy to fail. ObviousAwait introduces two aliases: KeepContext() and FreeContext(), reducing the cognitive load while reading and writing asynchronous code.
A Roslyn code analyzer and fixer for a async foreach pattern.