Windows Community Toolkit - High Performance (.NET Standard) NuGet Package

This package includes high performance .NET Standard helpers such as:
- Memory2D<T> and Span2D<T>: two types providing fast and allocation-free abstraction over 2D memory areas.
- ArrayPoolBufferWriter<T>: an IBufferWriter<T> implementation using pooled arrays, which also supports IMemoryOwner<T>.
- MemoryBufferWriter<T>: an IBufferWriter<T>: implementation that can wrap external Memory<T>: instances.
- MemoryOwner<T>: an IMemoryOwner<T> implementation with an embedded length and a fast Span<T> accessor.
- SpanOwner<T>: a stack-only type with the ability to rent a buffer of a specified length and getting a Span<T> from it.
- StringPool: a configurable pool for string instances that be used to minimize allocations when creating multiple strings from char buffers.
- String, array, Memory<T>, Span<T> extensions and more, all focused on high performance.
- HashCode<T>: a SIMD-enabled extension of HashCode to quickly process sequences of values.
- BitHelper: a class with helper methods to perform bit operations on numeric types.
- ParallelHelper: helpers to work with parallel code in a highly optimized manner.
- Box<T>: a type mapping boxed value types and exposing some utility and high performance methods.
- Ref<T>: a stack-only struct that can store a reference to a value of a specified type.
- NullableRef<T>: a stack-only struct similar to Ref<T>, which also supports nullable references.

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Version: 7.1.2
Author(s): Microsoft.Toolkit
Last Update: Thursday, November 18, 2021
.NET Fiddle: Online Example
Project Url:
NuGet Url:

Install-Package Microsoft.Toolkit.HighPerformance
dotnet add package Microsoft.Toolkit.HighPerformance
paket add Microsoft.Toolkit.HighPerformance
Microsoft.Toolkit.HighPerformance Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)