Top 20 NuGet unsafe Packages

Spreads Native methods
Rich data types to work with unmanaged memory in CLS-compliant way
Library for getting a CLR instance's layout at runtime
A collection of useful data and execution extensions for Bridge.NET
An API for the Data Access Layer using Dapper
This package includes high performance .NET Standard helpers such as: - Memory2D<T> and Span2D<T>: two types providing fast and allocation-free abstraction over 2D memory areas. - ArrayPoolBufferWriter<T>: an IBufferWriter<T> implementation using pooled arrays, which also supports IMemor...
Concrete Implementations for the H.Necessaire Notifications API
An API for the Data Serialization
A collection of useful data and execution extensions for .NET
Epicycle .NET commons library. Contains various utilities, file system abstraction, reporting and more. Used by other Epicycle packages. * Details & release notes: * Sources:
Fast serialize into compressed bits.
Includes helper classes to write unsafe code in Visual Basic. You can create Span(Of T), ReadOnlySpan(Of T), String, SecuredString, and UnmanagedMemoryStream with this package in Visual Basic.
Working with images (detecting bluring/aliasing, resizing without pixelate, etc).
LinksPlatform's Platform.Unsafe Class Library
A MSBuild task that scans assemblies for locations to patch in IL code that normally cannot be generated from C# (e.g. cpblk/memcpy). The majority of the stub methods available are generic, which allows for low overhead (e.g. no boxing) when working with struct types and interoping with (unmanaged) ...
Throws an exception if your unsafe code attempts to write to memory you don't control
Provides functionality for manipulating interior pointers with VB. - Convert ByRef to interior pointer, or convert interior pointer back to ByRef. - Load or store unmanaged values indirectly. - No extra dependencies. - Supports addition, subtraction, increment, decrement, equality, inequality, great...
Use it if u want replace bilion of strings.
Use it if u want replace bilion of strings.