Top 20 NuGet string Packages

CodeJam is a set of handy reusable .NET components that can simplify your daily work and save your time when you copy and paste your favorite helper methods and classes from one project to another.
A .NET port of java-string-similarity.
A string composition library written in C# that can format data into a string with a minimal, intuitive syntax. It uses extensions to provide named placeholders, pluralization, gender conjugation, and time and list formatting. Project hosted on GitHub ...
Controls library.
Many utilities like: enumeration, hash, json (extension newtonsoft), regex, signature, string, uri, dictionary, etc
Changes string comparisons to case insensitive.
A collection of utilities for working with strings in .NET.
String extension methods for performing {named} {{parameterized}} string formatting, written for NetStandard 2.0
This package includes .NET Standard code only helpers, such as IncrementalLoadingCollection, string extensions and array extensions. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.
ResourceLoader is a utility for reading embedded resources from assemblies.
C# Linq extension with given error messages
Left Right FromTill TakeStart TakeEnd TakeStartUntil TakeEndUntil TrimStartUntil TrimEndUntil TrimFirst TrimLast StartWithCap StartWithLowerCase Repeat SplitWithQuotation StringBuilderWithIndentation ToCamelCase RemoveExcessiveWhiteSpace, overloads for: Split Replace TrimStart TrimEnd
Tools and extensions to the .Net framework.
A library for generating and parsing query strings using C#. Url encoding/decoding is automatically handled. Supports multiple values per name.
Tools and extensions for working with text.
Construct Linq queries using strings.
The fastest Levenshtein on NuGet. Supports .NET Framework and .NET Core (.NET Standard 1.0). Levenshtein calculates the shortest possible distance between two strings. Producing a count of the number of insertions, deletions and substitutions to make one string into another.
Provides string extension methods for replacing tokens within strings (using the format '{name}') with their specified lookup value.
Accessory to Persian calendar, string extensions, encryption, ip, log and rest api for .Net. You can easily use it.
A string library that includes common string extensions, improvements to Trim, such as middle trim with TrimAll, etc.