Top 20 NuGet WINDOWS Packages

A simple caching library to cache any data structure for a specific amount of time in any .NET application. Additionally, offers simple HTTP methods for caching web request data. Powered by FileStore.
Redbridge C# SDK library for Windows Desktop
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
Dapplo.Windows has native code for accessing Windows, e.g getting the size/title/location of a window or monitoring the title changes of windows.
ACR Bluetooth LE Reactive Plugin for Xamarin and Windows Supported Platforms * .NET Standard * Android 4.3+ * iOS 7+ * tvOS * macOS * UWP
Dapplo.Windows.Dpi assists to make an application Dpi-Aware.
Dapplo.Windows.Input provides code to generate and get input from keyboard and mouse
Dapplo.Windows.Messages is a library with the Windows messages and a WinProc helper.
This package complements the JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.ChakraCore package and contains the native implementation of ChakraCore version 1.11.5 for Windows (x64). For correct working of the ChakraCore require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
This package complements the JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.V8 package and contains the native implementation of V8 version for Windows (x86). For correct working of the Microsoft ClearScript.V8 require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
Redbridge C# Windows Library for creating console options, switches and parameters in a type safe fashion.
Redbridge C# Windows Identity Library for Auth0 products
Dapplo.Windows.Common is a library which contains common files for Dapplo.Windows projects
Dapplo.Windows.User32 provides logic of the Windows User32 API
Dapplo.Windows.Gdi32 bringt Gdi32 and GdiPlus functionality.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to display HTML content into labels. Ensure you call HtmlLabelRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Pure .NET library to read and write Apache Parquet files, targeting .NET 4.5 and .NET Standand 1.4 and up. Linux, Windows and Mac are first class citizens, but also works everywhere .NET is running (Android, iOS, IOT). Has zero dependencies on thrid-party libraries or any native code. Provides both ...
The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.
Receive information about the device that you are using. Properties such as Model, Operating System, Version, Id, and even the ability to generate a unique Id for your application based off of these properties.
Git for Windows focuses on offering a lightweight, native set of tools that bring the full feature set of the Git to Windows while providing appropriate user interfaces for experienced users.