Top 20 NuGet array Packages

A managed class that can hold an array in RAM and zero it on disposal. The code has the capability to throw if it cannot lock the array in RAM or gracefully degrade to merely pinning the memory to prevent the CLR from moving it and risking exposure to other part of the execut...
This package includes .NET Standard code only helpers such as: - IncrementalLoadingCollection: Simplifies the definition and usage of collections whose items can be loaded incrementally only when needed by the view. - String extensions and array extensions: These extensions make working ...
SlidingWindow provides an interface to retrieve chunks from a byte array using a sliding window.
Parallel high performance cross-platform C#/.NET algorithms. 28+ algorithms with familiar interfaces and examples. Multi-core and data parallel (SIMD/SSE). Open source and free. See project Readme, blog and videos...
Collection extensions and custom collections for .NET.
Extension function pack to increase productivity and improve source code writing.
A collection of useful data and execution extensions for Bridge.NET
An API for the Data Access Layer using Dapper
Generic logic pertaining to byte and byte arrays.
Tensor (n-dimensional array) library for F# Core features: - n-dimensional arrays (tensors) in host memory or on CUDA GPUs - element-wise operations (addition, multiplication, absolute value, etc.) - basic linear algebra operations (dot product, SVD decomposition, mat...
This package includes high performance .NET Standard helpers such as: - Memory2D<T> and Span2D<T>: two types providing fast and allocation-free abstraction over 2D memory areas. - ArrayPoolBufferWriter<T>: an IBufferWriter<T> implementation using pooled arrays, which also supports IMemor...
Concrete Implementations for the H.Necessaire Notifications API
An API for the Data Serialization
Stream To Array (stream-to-array) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Extension methods for mostly modifying arrays.
For queries that return a lot of data, a need emerges to consume the results in chunks rather than the entire set. Consuming all results at once can be costly in terms of network traffic thus slowing down your application. Linq Paginator allows you to run your queries and return your data in for...
A .NET Standard class library with JsonConverters to assist with serializing/deserializing collections, including support for collections serialized as either an array or single value.
A small library for working with bit-arrays based on 64 bit signed integers in F#
A collection of sorting network algorithms implemented in C#.