Top 20 NuGet stream Packages

Streams for full duplex in-proc communication, wrap a WebSocket, split a stream into multiple channels, etc.
A cross-platform .NET portable library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol and can use System.IO.Stream or WebSocket so you can use it with any transport.
Reactive stream support for Akka.NET
Tweetinvi is an intuitive .NET C# library to access the Twitter REST API. It is a .NET Core library that can be used for development on Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS. Tweetinvi is also compatible with Windows 10 Universal Apps.
This is all the assemblies of the Cuemon .NET Standard family.
Tools and extensions for IO operations.
The Cuemon.IO assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides enhancements to the System.IO namespace.
[.NET 4.6.1+] - DisposableObservable: a class for creating Observable sequences with TPL easily as Observable.Create - [IObservable].Serialize: wrap all subscriptions into a single ISubject against the sourcing observable - [IObservable].AsAsync: execute all functions on TPL - [IObservable].Fork: a...
A simple .NET interface for the Stream Deck HID
.NET library extending stream data reading and writing functionality.
Full duplex Stream for in-proc communication between two components.
Abstraction for macro boards (with LCD keys)
Supported on dotnet standard2(Windows/Linux/OSX), provide similar interface to Google offical API.Quality and window control is supported. The library use the native runtime and its performance should be better than System.IO.Compress.BrotliStream. To support dynamic compress in web applications,add...
A ZstandardStream implementation on top of the native Zstandard libraries.
Easy way to serialize/deserialize objects to/from an async stream
Reactive Streams API
Read-Only File streams in blazor
Start developing your Elgato StreamDeck plugin faster! This library encapsulates all the overhead of setting up the framework, so that you can focus on writing the logic of the plugin itself. [Samples for using the library are provided here:] Using...
Java interaction library used to read java object streams and read/write json
Port of LZ4 compression algorithm for .NET (streams)