Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

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Package Description
The command line tool for the LinqToXsd library that supports generating code from an XSD. Also generates configuration files to control code generation. Original Authors: Microsoft Corporation.
Popular, easy to use library to read and write CSV and tab delimited files. Supports data fields containing commas and line breaks. Supports different character encodings, separator characters and date and number formats. Robust error handling lets you quickly fix problems in large input files.
Package Description
LINQ extensions for Primero Systems projects.
A wrapper for mongo database repositories
The C# companion library
Testing library for Rx. Contains code to help test Rx operators.
Reactive Extensions Core Library containing base classes and scheduler infrastructure.
Reactive Extensions Experimental Library containing unstable and infrequently used functionality.
Reactive Extensions Interfaces Library containing essential interfaces.
Reactive Extensions Query Library used to express complex event processing queries over observable sequences.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) provides the aliases Map, FlatMap, and Filter.
Reactive Extensions Platform Services Library used to access platform-specific functionality and enlightenment services.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) Providers Library used to build query providers and express complex event processing queries over those.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) Remoting Library used to expose observable sequences through .NET Remoting.
Windows Forms extensions library for Rx. Contains scheduler functionality for the Windows Forms UI loop.
XAML support library for Rx. Contains scheduler functionality for the UI dispatcher.