Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Useful tool for my work and hobby.
Package Description
A lightweight JavaScript library that brings proper .NET-like collections and LINQ to JavaScript.
Array query library for JavaScript with "Linq" like methods.
This project is used to call dynamic linq functions on unknown types. The dynamic linq query is structured using reflection.
A small utility library that allows the rewriting of expression trees using methods as marker points for the rewriting process.
A set of extensions used to query a Team Foundation Server for collection items (Currently only works with WorkItems).
Sky Linq programming by composition library
SkyLinq LINQ extensions
LINQ Implementation over Couchbase .net client.
This package provides Discriminated Unions for C#. This is the old backage. The new package is FunctionalSharp.DiscriminatedUnions.
Client to connect on BitWise Service Engine and perform bitwise queries on object collections.
ProjectTo allows you to auto map ORM entity classes to your own classes in LINQ queries.
Decompile property getters for supporting computed columns on LINQ. Uses the ashming expressive decompiler library
Dynamic linq library
Library of utility classes for interacting with and operating on System.Linq.Expression trees
Moved to Science.Collections.MultiDimensional.Linq
Some general useful extension methods for .NET 4.0 or above
This is a wrapper for array to be enabled with underscore features.
LINQlone is a reimplementation of LINQ to Objects for .NET 2.0 providing all the standard query operators of .NET 3.5. With C# 2.0+ LINQlone also activates extension methods and lambda expressions.