Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

A C# Serverside parser for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin
Adds more Linq style extensions to .NET
Dump linq query result to csv + generate code file (linqpad or cs) to read it back with same type.
ZDV.Linq.Hierarchy Class Library
Set of extensions to Linq
Provides extensions methods for System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable{T}
Defines a set of attributes and extension methods to query ICollection and IQueryable with filter objects
DbContext extensions that helps iterate queryables in batches
A lot of the useful stuff I've developed over the years distilled down into some sharable libraries. (Linq Extensions)
Scrum process template for WiLinq
.NET Data Client Framework based on native queries and with optional Linq support (PostgreSQL).
Unity integration for Logic Data Access
VsDebugFx provides weakly-typed lambda expressions and LINQ in Visual Studio debugger.
Samples for LinqToWiki.
Adds LINQ capabilities to Scalable JavaScript application (based on linq.js)
MVC models and extensions for Pagination (easy control of paged results for IQueryable sources).
The LINQ extension over protobuf-net
A simple LINQPad query Host
This library makes working with LINQ to MongoDB queries easier from C#. Specificially it is for debugging and runtime inquiry of LINQ queries. There are two basic use cases: (1) Explain a LINQ query (does it use an index for example?). (2) Convert a LINQ query to the JavaScript code run in MongoDB.
Treenumerable.VisualTree.WPF is a general purpose library for enumerating, traversing and querying WPF's visual tree.