Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Repository project that use Entity Framework and Dynamic Linq to provide useful methods for read and write entities with filter, pagination and ordination.
LINQ-like fluent extension methods for Bogosoft's async collections.
Saraff.TwainX.NET Extensions (LINQ to TWAIN).
Optimized LINQ subset dedicated to array
Server side paging, sorting and filtering via Dynamic Linq for .Net Core 2.0
This is the base package for RxApp that is used to build platform agnostic view models. Additional platform specific packages are available that support databinding view models to platform specific views.
linq.js binding for RxJS.
Method chaining style unit testing extension for QUnit.
A better and more natural way of defining dependencies in .Net, LINDI is a language extension that takes advantage of LINQ to specify Dependency Resolution.
ko.linq adds convenience functions to ko.observableArray to easily access linq functions, along with a ToObservableArray() function to convert Enumerable back to a ko.observableArray.
Library for reading ARK Survival Evolved savegame files including easy to use .NET domain model.
LINQ-like operators for manipulating multidimensional arrays.
Package Description
.NET Data Client Framework based on native queries and with optional Linq support (PostgreSQL).
Scrum process template for WiLinq
Agile process template for WiLinq
A lot of the useful stuff I've developed over the years distilled down into some sharable libraries. (Linq Extensions)
LinqPlus provides more LINQ awesomeness, with optimized LINQ methods for specific containers, tuple enumeration of dictionaries, functional LINQ extension methods, single function extensions for common patterns, and more.
Esta é uma extensão do Dapper, com o objetivo de utilização totalmente voltada à objetos.
SQLite Helper is an open source .NETStandard library for easy storage and access of data from SQLite databases. It uses SQLitePCLRaw to provide platform independent access to sqlite. !!WARNING!! Library is currently in beta, breaking changes might occur!!