Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

A library that allows use of IQueryable in WCF web service.
Library for accessing MediaWiki wikis (including Wikipedia) through their API.
Adds LINQ capabilities to Scalable JavaScript application (based on linq.js)
MVC models and extensions for Pagination (easy control of paged results for IQueryable sources).
Unity integration for Logic Data Access
LinqCube is a small utility library to define measures and dimensions in code an do in-memory cubes against LINQ queries.
With linq2indexeddb developpers can add, update, delete and search data on an easy way without having to think how to put up an connection, handeling transaction, etc. For now this project is still in development, so everything is subject to change. Now only the basic CRUD operations are supp...
TryParse from .NET Standard done right
LINQ operators that work with async/await
VsDebugFx provides weakly-typed lambda expressions and LINQ in Visual Studio debugger.
Provide Linq Support to TableQuery.Where method
NLite.Data Framework 是一个轻量简单易用的开源Linq ORM数据访问组件,支持Nullable类型和枚举类型,对Linq的谓词提供了完美的支持,旨在让绝大部份的主流数据库都使用 Linq 来进行程序开发,让开发人员访问数据库从SQL中解放出来,易学易用上手快,配置简单,并且提供了源代码下载,方便定制。支持多数据库,目前支持Access、SQLServer、SqlCE、SQLite、MySQL、ORACLE,未来还会支持更多的数据库。 设计理念 一: 约定胜于配置 连接字符串的配置完全遵循.Net 的...
LINQ provider for Ektron via Ektron's SearchManager using AdvancedSearchCriteria searches.
pager for linq
LinqToOdbc seeks to simplify access to Odbc-based datasources via Linq queries.
Utilities class for .Net including Dynamic property getters/setters, automatic IQueryable searching, LinqToSql shortcuts, FileStream shortcuts, String extensions and more.
Provides support for features specific to Entity Framework Core in Linq to Querystring
Linq to Querystring is an expression parser for .NET that aims to provide a lightweight subset of the OData URI Specification
.Net Core Specification Pattern Implementation and Query utilities
Improved Linq Provider for Microsoft CRM