Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

LinqAn (LINQ ANalytics, pronounced "Lincoln") is a .NET companion library for analytics platforms, allowing for LINQ-based queries. LinqAn.Google is the Google version, which uses Google Analytics Core Reporting API v3.
Various C# Utility classes, that were initially developed for the NCase project.
Provides extensions methods for System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable{T}
An library with some common tools and utilities like dump object, enumerable extensions etc.
A few LINQ Extensions which we find useful, and you may, too.
A library to help encapsulate linq queries
A library to help encapsulate linq queries with NHibernate
A library to help encapsulate linq queries
Defines a set of attributes and extension methods to query ICollection and IQueryable with filter objects
Package Description
A library for quickly reading excel spreadsheets with LINQ.
DbContext extensions that helps iterate queryables in batches
WiLinq is a workitem linq provider targeting VSTS Rest API
The LINQ extension over protobuf-net
A C# Server side component for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin
Easily write data to spreadsheets files by using LINQ, it depends on NPOI.
A C# Serverside parser for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin
Business Logic Toolkit AzureSql Data Provider for .NET
Project to extend the LINQ to LDAP provider with useful features like scopes.
LINQtoSPARQL is specific LINQ to SPARQL. Dynamically scaffolds SPARQL queries by using LINQ style. Built on top of DynamicSPARQL project Please visit project wiki pages .