Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

With Visual Studio's multi-targeting and LINQBridge, you can write LINQ to Objects (local) queries using the full power of the C# 4.0 compiler and yet create programs that require only Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. LINQBridge is a re-implementation of all the standard query operators introduced with...
With this little helper you can project in you LINQ Select() using expressions not written inside the LINQ query. This opens the door for expressions reuse.
Dynamic Linq Query Builder base on Expressions (core). Excellent PrepareQuery method with QueryParams
A LINQ IQueryable provider that targets translation of LINQ expressions into Pig-like languages.
LINQ to AD (Active Directory) provides ways of querying Active Directory using LINQ syntax and Lambda expressions.
Windy.Json is super lightweight Json Dom library, which is powered by Dyanmic Object and Linq in C# 4.0.
This is based on. NET and XML database product technology development. Feedback :
Simple implementation of the specification pattern. Expression tree based implementation of the specification pattern.
Reads and writes a data table in text format such as CSV, TSV, and space-delimited text. Also provides a way to bind each row to user defined class, so that user can easily create instances from a text table.
A single C# file that can be embedded to provide alternate ways to invoke TryParse methods from .NET Framework for use in expressions and functional code like LINQ queries.
LinqEx contains a set of extension methods to runtime objects, mainly to enumerables. These extensions can help you increase your productivity.
CustomExtensions - Custom Extension Methods For C# This is an open-source library of C# extension methods used to add functionality to commonly used classes and to enhance LINQ.
Use LINQ query operators with Microsoft .NET Chart Controls (
This project provides extension methods that extend the existing set available in LINQ.
Mennion.Common provides useful code for developing asp net mvc projects
Unofficial fork of the Mongo C# Driver v1.8.1 that supports loosely typed linq queries and explicit boolean comparisons against method call expressions
xMap is an object mapping framework that allows you to compose and reuse Linq projections within Entity Framework queries.
Monadic Parser Combinators which were designed to work well with LINQ.
A small independent library that will let you use standard C# and Linq to produce SQL queries
Various useful extension methods that I find myself using in most projects. Also adds static reflection to get property and method names that are compile time safe