Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Alternatives to some hashing-based LINQ operators (GroupBy, Join, GroupJoin), based on ordered inputs.
Abstraction layer over Linq with cache capabilities. Now with async capabilities (experimental).
FeralExpressions defines the expansion method .Inline() which can be called on either an expression, or an IQueryable. It replaces method calls in the expression with the method body. In order for this to work, the method must (a) be declared in a partial class (b) have an expression body (c) hav...
A simple light weight LINQ provider for Dapper.Net
A package of extensions for LINQ.
Provides active list extensions for working with WPF.
Saraff.Twain.NET Extensions (LINQ to TWAIN).
This is a fork of the System.Linq.Dynamic.Library project that was itself forked from the Microsoft System.Linq.Dynamic project. The library allows you to construct dynamic linq queries using string expressions instead of C# expressions. See more information on project site.
Kivii.Linq 连接SqlServer的适配器
MathExtensions is a library for .NET that aims to provide useful extensions methods regarding various mathematical domains, like combinatorics, sequence analysis, sequence generation, sequence manipulation, random extractions, etc.
Features: * Very simple interface. Essentially the interface consists of two methods (with a couple of convenient overloads) on the class XmlExpressionSerializer from the namespace vm.Aspects.ExpressionSerialization: - public static XElement ToXmlElement(Expression expression...
Extended LINQ support for XPression
This package contains lists with Python-like behaviour implemented.
Provides active list extensions for data tables.
LINQ provider to MOZ API
.Net library for using Linq to Objects to iterate in time using classes as Date, Month, Year, Decade, etc.
Exposes facades for common Logging, Configuration, and DI components to extract dependencies as well as utility methods for logging inside of Linq expressions.
Utilities for an easy life programming in the null-laden world of C#
A simple API for seamlessly mapping POCO properties to database columns when using IQueryable.Linq for Dapper.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) Main Library combining the interfaces, core, LINQ, and platform services libraries.