Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Linq extension method to generate CSV files
Extension methods for IEnumerable<T>, including ForEach(), Apply() operators, Around(), Mask(), SkipLast(), TakeLast(), TakeWhileAndNext(), FirstOrEmpty(), Permutations(), Interleave() operators, NotOf() (type-removing) operators and more.
Catharsis.Repository .NET library provides abstraction over persistent data storages by introducing common repository pattern interfaces over popular ORM frameworks (NHibernate, Entity Framework, LINQ2SQL), as well as their implementations : - NHibernate -> NHibernateRepository - LINQ2SQL -> LinqT...
An automatic query optimizer for LINQ to Objects and PLINQ. LinqOptimizer compiles declarative LINQ queries into fast loop-based imperative code. The compiled code has fewer virtual calls, better data locality and speedups of up to 15x.
Interactive Extensions for JavaScript library which covers the basic LINQ to Objects operations.
Because ToArray is painful at times. Linq for .NET 2.0 DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious test resources, a...
IQueryable automatic projection device. Easily convert IQueryable<Entity> to IQueryable<Dto> var dtoQuery = query.ProjectTo<OrderDto>();
A migrations generation framework / utilities for NHibernate utilizing FluentMigrator
Serialaizable selectors for build dynamic linq queries to data collections
Serialaizable selectors for build dynamic linq queries to data collections
Nequeo data linq to SqlServer component
A lightweight, linq-friendly inference library for .NET
Tiny library with generic Zip implementation for C# enumerables and some small tools that make complex POCOs generation easier.
Library provides expression expanding. Used by Slant.Entity
This is an example of roslyn analyzer, that can create diagnostics when there are missing some usings, that are required for using debugging data transformation via lambdas and Linqs in Watch or Immediate windows. Because Microsoft still haven't added support for post-loading libraries like System....
Adds helper methods for mixing Reactive Extensions with INotifyPropertyChanged
Set of libraries with some sort of everyday functionality like: extension of LINQ, monads, event extensions etc.
Provides managed access to ESENT database with simple API
Main library of ĐTools project contains various platform-independent non-GUI classes missed from .NET framework.