Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Dashing.Weaver is a compile time tool for adding behaviour to a Dashing domain model
Ventura SQL is an integrated solution for retrieving and updating ADO.NET (including SQL Server) data in a genuine 3-tier architecture at record performance. Ventura SQL is the hyper productive alternative for the Entity Framework/Web service combination. The client runtime for .Net Standard works w...
MassTransit Dapper support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
Lightweight ORM for SQL Server made with Dapper
Asky开源架构:极简、轻量、极致性能 开源架构 开源峰会 QQ群 779699538
Lightweight ORM for MySQL made with Dapper
Provides Adapter For Dapper,SqlRepoEx Provides Lambda Turn to Full SQL statement(Select,Union,Join etc.) ;
CatFactory Package for Dapper
my useful extension methods Of Dapper.
get, insert, update, upsert, getlist, getpagedlist, and delete helpers for
Dashing.Cli is a command line tool for migrating database schemas
Dapper-based wrapper to simplify data access.
Plato.Security deployment package
Plato.Messaging.RMQ deployment package
Plato.Redis deployment package
Plato.Messaging.AMQ deployment package
Autofac registration module for DbExecutor and DbExecutorFactory
Simple wrapper with its factory for working with database connections (for example, Dapper)
Plato.Serializers deployment package
Plato.Cache deployment package