Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

DrivenDb is a better microORM. Unique features, excellent performance, and cleaner code in as few trips to the database as possible.
Entity generation for Dapper.FastCrud from a LocalDb or an MsSqlServer database. Entity domain partitioning can be achieved via separate template configurations. The installation package provides a sample config file, Do not modify, as future u...
Dapper.SimpleSave makes it easy to save complex object hierarchies to a relational database.
Provides a common database context and predicates for use with Dapper.
Dashing is a simple to use mini ORM built on top of Dapper. It aims to provide fantastic productivity while not sacrificing (too much) performance.
zxm.Dapper is an extensions to intergration with dapper-dot-net and MicroOrm.Dapper.Repositories.
Provides unit-of-work style connection scoping to any ADO.NET supporting database.
Dapper extension with simple crud methods.
Dapper dot net lambda extension for CRUD
Get an easily customizable backend running quickly using Dapper.
Identity package that uses Dapper with PostgreSQL instead EntityFramework for use with .NET Core.
Coda.Data.Sql provides helpers for working with SqlConnections on a bulk basis by providing Bulk Loading / Insertion Capabilities. Continually updated with new features and bugfixes as necessary, commercially supported from Cedita.
Sql executor for Storm using Sam Saffron's Dapper
An extension library for dapper.
Dapper extension adding outside sql function reading text file.
AdoManager is a .NET project for managing SQL Connection Strings and Ado.NET executions. Read connection strings from setting file as normal or encrypted mode, automatically. Share connections in environs of all projects as static. You can use Dapper ORM in DataAccessObject. ...
Trivial micro-orm implemented on Dapper, provides with CRUD helpers specialize to handle MySql.
The connection management wrapper for *************************************** // To create an instance of database context inherit DbContext class TestDb : DbContext { private const string ConnectionName = "DefaultConnection"; private TestDb() : base(ConnectionName) { } } // e...