Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Generic Data Access Object Interfaces
ADO.NET 数据库访问。
A simple auto generated CRUD operations library that is a wrapper around Dapper and exposes the Repository interface
.net core implementation of bfar.repository
A Dapper wrapper which provides some useful helper for common data operations.
AA.Dapper 基于dapper+dommel 开发 , 支持工作单元、仓储模式、读写分离和原生dapper的操作
Abstract and base classes for a Dapper-based platform-neutral CRUD library
A library for easy, efficient and high performance bulk insert and update of data, into a Sql Database, from .Net applications. By leveraging the power of the SqlBulkCopy classes with added support for Identity primary key table columns this library provides a greatly simplified interface to process...
Simple fluent api by using existing dapper's api.
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Track row change history across your database by user, with key-to-text lookups
Add a Dapper repository to your project that reduces basic CRUD operations to a single line of code. Execute full queries and stored procedures. Easily add filters and parametrs. Supports Async and non-Async in Framework, Standard and Core.
SqlServer Generic Data Access Object base on Dapper
Data Query Interface it's Dapper.FastCrud provider that use infraestructure provided by DataQI.Commons and it turns your Data Repositories a live interface.
Convert Perdicate to string use with dapper
A cool little wrapper for SQLite based on Dapper.
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