Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Type-safe Dapper built with "Criteria Pattern"
Dapper.SimpleSave makes it easy to save complex object hierarchies to a relational database.
Assembly that provides assistance in testing Dapper methods, allows for Verify and Setup with sql and parameters
A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with a SQLite database based on Dapper.
Ambient context implementation for Dapper.NET
Lite ORM framework based on Dapper and SQL Query Generation from ServiceStack/NServicekit
The package Provides a solution for the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns together with inversition of control. On the project site there are examples of Autofact, Castle.Windsor, Ninject, Simpleinjector, StructureMap, and Unity integration. The IoC framework is not an issue... It is ment to...
Spry - fluent CRUD queries using Dapper
Package Description
A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite etc..
Package Description
A set of extensions for working with HotChocolate GraphQL and Database access with micro-orms such as RepoDb (or Dapper). This extension pack provides access to key elements such as Selections/Projections, Sort arguments, & Paging arguments in a significantly simplified facade so this logic can be ...
Spear Dapper For SQLite
Runs Dapper queries using SqlGenerator for generating and caching SQL, does not have any dependencies other than Dapper and generates modern SQL depending on a connection type while being fully customizable
A set of extensions for working with HotChocolate GraphQL and RepoDb as the data access micro-orm without dependency on IQueryable. This enables fully encapsulated control over SQL queries in every way within a Service or Repository layer of your application. This extension pack provides a signific...
Spear Dapper For MySql
Moq extensions for Dapper methods.
update version .net 5