Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Dapper.FastCrud is built around essential features of the C# 6 / VB that have finally raised the simplicity of raw SQL constructs to acceptable maintenance levels. These features leave no chance to mistypings or problems arising from db entity refactorings. Visual Studio 2015 or later is recommend...
Fast bulk insert extensions for Dapper.
A dapper data extension for the Reportr framework.
Package Description
Dapper wrapper to save database exceptions
The official collection of get, insert, update and delete helpers for Also handles lists of entities and optional "dirty" tracking of interface-based entities, Support for multiple databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, Postgresql, Oracle...
Identity package that uses Dapper with SQL Server instead EntityFramework for use with .NET Core.
A small library that complements Dapper by adding basic CRUD operations (Get, Insert, Update, Delete) for your POCOs. For more advanced querying scenarios, Dapper Extensions provides a predicate system.
Dapper integration for Galaxy
dapper repository for MiniDDD
Dapper is a great tool if you want to write database-agnostic code. However, sometimes you need to access functionality that is provider-specific. This assembly adds support for writing Oracle-specific SQL, that supports all dbtypes used by the Oracle managed provider on a parameter, supports set...
Identity package that uses Dapper with MySQL instead EntityFramework for use with .NET Core.
Dapper extensions.
LambdicSql's purpose is to generate sql text and parameters from lambda.Generate sql text and parameters by LambdicSql.And execut and map to object, recommend using dapper or sqlite-net-pcl. Target frameworks are .netframework3.5~, pcl, .netstandard1.2~.
Support use Dapper in ZKWeb. For more information please visit project site.
System.Data.IDbConnection cnn ; var res0 = cnn.Find<GoodsInfo>().Take1().Ex(); var res5 = cnn.Find<GoodsInfo>().Take(100).Ex(); var res4 = cnn.Find<GoodsInfo>(o => o.GoodsId == 1).Ex(); var res3 = cnn.Find<GoodsInfo>().Sort(o => o.UpdateTime).Take1().Ex(); var res2 = cnn.Find<GoodsInfo>().Sort(o => ...
A high performance SQL Wrapper and syntax checking supporting MySQL, MariaDB... SQLWrapper generate call code from SQL file and check SQL syntax before compile task. The call automatically created and check syntax identify database changes. SQL Wrapper is not a ORM: it generate code form SQL reques...
This is an lambda extension of dapper, Chain style makes developers more elegant and intuitive.
This is an lambda extension of dapper, Chain style makes developers more elegant and intuitive.