Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Based on the LINQ extension of dapper, it supports lambda expression, supports time based table splitting, and can also customize the table splitting method.
The library enables persistence storing for configuration and operational data the same way the EntitiyFramework library does (IdentityServer4.EntityFramework).
This project provides a Dapper implementation of UserStore and RoleStore, to be used with Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos Dapper da FACode Library used across many projects.
A simple Dapper Service by Drysdale Chivhanga
IDbTransaction extension methods for Dapper: A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..
This is a fork of original Dapper.SimpleCRUD by Eric Coffman. It has integrated the following fixes and enhancements: - Support for custom type parameters ( by CyrilB1531 - Support for anonymous object conditions with arrays (https://githu...
Fork 自 增加sqlite支持,更新efcore 3.1.x的支持 更新依赖库到最新版本 ef and dapper repository.
SqlServer Generic Data Access Object base on Dapper
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos Dapper da FACode
Assembly that provides assistance in testing Dapper methods, allows for Verify and Setup with sql and parameters
Spear Dapper
Dapper helper library for streamlined retrieval and posting of data via SP and queries using MySql data provider.
npgsql + dapper, simple retrying and migrations
Whitelist tablenames using information schema
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