Top 20 NuGet package Packages

This adds a script that will create a zipped version of a specific web configuration from a PackageWeb archive. This is useful to build a single package that can be deployed to multiple environments. **Running the script requires PowerShell Community Extensions** All of this is based on the excelle...
My package description.
Treats the "linked" folder in an dependend nuget package as an additional special folder and adds it's contents as link to the solution
You can use this NuGet package to make working with NuGet Package Restore easier from build servers. If you want to ship Build updates in a NuGet package then you can use this package to help users create scripts to resotre the NuGet packages before the build starts. For detailed info o...
Convert a project into a NuGet package. Install Fosol.NuGetWrapper and compile your project. MSBuild will automatically create a 'Package' folder within your build target folder which will contain your NuGet package.
*Please notice: This package is not supported by Sitecore A/S* Requires Sitecore 7.1. Contains more than 70 new SPEAK renderings that wrap 85% of Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2. Additional renderings include: - FuelUX Spinner - InlineStyle - AjaxDataSource - StaticJsonDataSource - Debugger - KnockoutMod...
This is the trial packge
MPF Implementation of VS Projects
This is a test package created by the NuGet team.
Language translator for c#
PackageNet takes PackageWeb a step further to extend web packages for ANY .net project so that you can publish a package to different environments. Your packages will contain all of your *.config transforms.
Common configuration, helper and abstraction classes used by other TestEasy packages
Public Website For JBRipps
New Package
My description
MSBuild task to install Nuget packages from local packages folder downloaded by Nuget Package Restore
Tool for automation resolving of Umbraco packages installed via Umbraco repository. Note: tool does not support restoring of local packages(installed not from Umbraco repository) Usage ----- 1. Include '%project_folder%\App_Data\packages\installed\installedPackages.config' file to sourse control (...
A fluent builder for MSI installation packages.
Creating a package with dependencies in other files
MSBuild task to install Nuget packages from local packages folder downloaded by Nuget Package Restore The original NugetPackageRestore added packageInstaller.xst on the packages' folder. This works well for one Web project, but multiple web projects means that the second Web project does not run th...