Top 20 NuGet package Packages

Lightweight helper APIs simplifying IIS,IISExpress and Nuget packages management in tests
Bring back the asterisks.
This will extend web packages so that you can publish a package to different environments. Your packages will contain all of your web.config transforms.
package test
My test package
PVC Build Engine
A thin layer facade of the Microsoft Azure IoTHub C SDK
NuPack create a nuget package on build action for .NET 4.0+
PVC NuGet Plugin for packing, pushing and updating NuGet packages.
Visual Studio Extensibility classes, objects and extension methods for Luminous Software Framework
Visual Studio Extensibility classes, objects and extension methods for YD Framework
Brings to the F# Elm language core package modules like Json.Encode, Json.Decode, Basics, Debug, Result, Tuple, etc
NuPack Extension .NET 4.0+ provides interface to extends NuPack
Boxes.Windsor integrates the powerful Castle.Windsor with Boxes.Core to provide a solution for developing compositional applications.
Boxes.Integration utilises Boxes.Core to provide an API to integrate with an IoC container.
Convention based nuget package creator build as msbuild script
Package for programming VBA Macro Office
deployd package for packaging - CD for Windows
A bootstrapper for NuGet packages
Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers