Top 20 NuGet package Packages

Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers
Wrappers and abstractions around Selenium and Selenium Grid functionality supporting all major browsers interactions
Facade consolidating Azure APIs (REST, managed etc) into simple classes, providing a single entry point for all Azure scenarios
Html Helpers that provide badges and links to associated Github and Nuget projects. @Html.NuInstall("package") @Html.NuPanel("package", @html, ...) @Html.GhForkme("user/repo", [color], [side]) @Html.GhDownload("user/repo", [font]) @Html.ShBadge(shType.downloads_nuget, ...) @Html.Code(@html)
Set AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute in AssemblyInfo.cs when build project.
Base classes, objects and extension methods for Luminous Software Framework
Library for writing OLE 2 Compount Document file format.
Base classes, objects and extension methods for YD Framework
Boring first package that does nothing
Contains the Napack Framework Client to create and update nano-scale packages. See for a full description.
Quickly create zip files using Wildcards to find the files you want to add to the package. This Assembly can also be used as a Windows Console Application
Efuelite Solutions Cryptography package helps developers to generate strong passwords, hashing of passwords and authentication of supplied hash passwords to be used in .Net Applications, This pacakge also encrypts and decrypts text,messages in very secure formats to be transmitted safely through any...
Prepare your mobile release (BundleId, Name, Version, ...) from a simple CLI.
Bundle .NET Core applications into common Linux packages.
VTK is an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization. This package statically link your VTK code with pre-built libraries, which enables you to build a standalone application. Toolset: MSVC 14.1 (Visual Studio 2017) P...
ITK (Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit) is an open-source, cross-platform system that provides developers with an extensive suite of software tools for image analysis. This package statically link your ITK code with pre-built libraries, which enables you to build a standalone application...
This is only a sample package published by ficticious company called MyCo.
Boxes is a package discovery and isolation framework for building compositional applications using the .NET Framework.
Convention based nuget package creator build as msbuild script. This package will copy the nuget.targets file to a .build folder inside your project.
Provides MSBuild properties and targets that automatically enable static analysis tools, NuGet packaging, documentation generation and local deployment. No configuration necessary.