Top 20 NuGet package Packages

Ghpr.Core: Core package for test run reporter (NUnit, SpecFlow, MSTest, MSTestV2)
Automatically creates a NuGet package from your project each time it builds. The NuGet package is placed in the project's output directory. If you want to use a .nuspec file, place it in the same directory as the project's project file (e.g. .csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj). This adds a PostBuildScripts...
Easy-to-use test run reporter for NUnit 3 (NUnit Console Addin)
Support package xaml library.
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow and NUnit 3 unit test provider
Common code for Ghpr.SpecFlow plugins
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow and MSTest unit test provider
package to inject MSTest TestContext into SpecFlow tests
Easy-to-use test run reporter for MSTestV2
Provides easy way to execute NuGet-based MSBuild tasks.
MSBuild target for the Visual Studio Library Manager
Support package library.
Easy-to-use test run reporter for MSTest
Ghpr.LocalFileSystem: Data provider package to work with local files
Create RPM packages (.rpm files) of your .NET Core projects straight from the command line. Once you've installed this package as a .NET CLI tool, run dotnet rpm to generate a .rpm package which contains the publish output of your .NET Project. See f...
Automagically update nuget packages in .NET projects
SynchroFeed is an extensible framework for integrating with a Nuget-like feeds to perform syncing, cataloging and validation of Nuget and Chocolatey packages
This is targeted for signing the contents of NuGet packages that are using unsigned assemblies, in order to be able to link to these packages where the consuming project is strongly named. Access to the original source code is not required, and you may sign any assembly with your own strong naming ...
File provider that can drill down into package files by using other IFileProviders. For example: ""