Top 20 NuGet package Packages

Excecutes commands on build.
Library for json-, package- and xml-transformation.
Detailed summary is mentinoed below: This AUTOPKG has been created using Microsoft's CoApp tool. NOTE : CoApp project is developed and maintained under the APACHE LICENSE, 2.0 '' The intent is to make the necessary build artifa...
Microsoft Azure IoTHub AMQP transport
Microsoft Azure IoTHub MQTT transport
Support package xaml library.
Simple package for internal logging into Seq server
Microsoft CNTK CPU-only Model Evaluation Libraries (no GPU required)
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Microsoft Azure uMQTT library
Microsoft Azure IoTHub HTTP transport
Microsoft Azure IoTHub Client
Enable Package Restore - If you're like me and you enabled package restore and found it was broken on any given build server, you need to install this to fix package restore to the way it should work.
Treats the "output" folder in an dependend nuget package as an additional special folder and copies it's content to the build folder
Microsoft Azure uAMQP library
Microsoft Azure IoTHub Serializer
Configures packages using Ioc.Modules as a Ninject module
A MongoDb repository pattern implementation.
It allows to define in the project items from which nugets should be created. It allows to create nugets from one or from couple projects in the solution. It is simple and flexible way to create nugets. more information on the page in the project Url. Project code can be retrived here https://github...