Top 20 NuGet open Packages

Sample code demonstrating the use of the OpenStack .NET SDK.
A .NET interface for Intan's Rhythm API for electrophysiology recording systems.
A C#.Net wrapper for Passkey's RegLink Open API
SharpGLES OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation for Windows Desktop
Korean Portal Site Open Api Wrapper
A .NET interface for the popular ODE physics engine.
A .NET interface for the popular ODE physics engine.
Bonsai Library containing interfaces for acquisition and processing of electrophysiology signals.
Bonsai Design Library containing editor classes for ephys board configuration.
A simple to use but very powerful C# API for GTA SAMP
A .NET library for consuming the Dutch vehicle database. More information can be found on Access tokens can also be requested here.
OpenShare.Net Common Library. Many common extension methods for making life simple from IEnumerable, Impersonation, String, WCF Services to Encryption. See source code on Github by using the project url.
Automatically pulls epub metadata out of epub files.
学科网开放SDK WEB API扩展
Class library containing models for GTFS feeds.
Out-of-band WCF Data Services provider that allows Entity Framework 6+ DbContext to be used. This package should be used in addition to the EntityFramework and Microsoft.Data.Services NuGet packages. Targets .NET 4.0. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.
Allows you to control work of flatbed scanner, web and digital camera and any other TWAIN device from .NET environment. You can use this library in your programs written in any programming languages compatible with .NET technology.
A .NET binding for the liboepcie data acqusition library.
Clase encargada de encapsular todas las operaciones en la capa de negocio.