Top 20 NuGet open Packages

PopOpen is a tiny library that opens a document, find the associated application's process, and push the window handle to top most window, so that users can see the document is opened.
Allows you design drivers (a Data Source) of flatbed scanner, web and digital camera and any other TWAIN device from .NET environment. You can use this library in your programs written in any programming languages compatible with .NET technology.
Simplifies the creation of a Data Source, if it returns a bitmap.
This is an implementation of an Open Pixel Control Client More information and examples of use at
Standard Class library for getting weather from open weather map's api
How many times have you compiled your C# code today? So many that you already forgot, right? Imagine if you could write code and you never had to compile a single change you do. You just ran the app and coded all along. Well, you can stop imagining, because that is a reality. ShapeFX its just that!...
Provides interaction notifications for file io.
An easy to use regression library with flexible data preprocessing
An ASP.NET Core authentication middleware: WeixinOpen for (微信开放平台/微信扫码登录) 使用说明:须微信开放平台(账号,用户使用微信扫码并确认后登入网站。
.NET Standard implementation of IOTA Area Codes
A C# .NET Standard Library for the Reading Buses API (, available to use in your C# console, UWP, WPF or Win Form Applications. This includes bus services operated by Reading Buses and subsidiaries such as, Thames Valley Buses and Newbury & District Buses. The lib...
Custom tag helpers that implements styles from Creator and other elments
App Metrics is an open-source .NET Standard library used to record application metrics.
Pre-release and experimental implementations of potential future library features. No support is provided; use this to provide feedback and help shape ODataLib's future. Targets .Net 4.0.
Classes to serialize, deserialize and validate OData payloads. Enables construction of OData producers and consumers. Targets Windows Phone 7.1/8.0. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.
LINQ-enabled client API for issuing OData queries and consuming OData payloads. Supports OData v3. Targets Windows Phone 7.1/8.0. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.
Facilitates streaming simple string values to XLSX (Excel 2007+ files)