Top 20 NuGet open Packages

Adds page templates with sample usage of navigation controls with EPiServer
Bonsai Ephys Library containing modules for acquisition and processing of electrophysiology signals.
Common Hub communication library for .NET
Package Description
Executable to generate Black Duck I/O output for use with Hub Pack-Man
The APRS Client library is a library which will get you up and running in a snap when your goal is to read APRS feeds.
Class library supporting Open XML development.
Image Property for EPiserver 7 provides a rich interface for selecting a images. Tightly integrated with new interface with drag and drop support.
Provides customizable navigation control producing semantic HTML markup
Provides customizable pagination control for ASP.Net sites. Supports GET and POST based scenarios.
Adds templates for correct error handling (returning proper HTTP error code) with support for custom templates for error pages
Adds page templates to easily generate RSS/ATOM feed based on EPiServer page tree.
Provides video control to render YouTube or Vimeo video on page using ASP.Net control.
GeoPicker EPiserver property is based on Google Maps API and provides a rich interface for selecting a geo-coordinates – perfect for editing location of points of interests we want to show on a map.
Video Property for EPiserver 7 provides a rich interface for selecting a video clips with support for rendering preview/thumbnail in edit mode. Works with YouTube and Vimeo.
Generic List property for EPiserver 7 provides a possibility to IEnumerable property with UI support in edit mode.
VideoCloud Property. Provides the ability to select videos uploaded to Brightcove video cloud storage.
Bonsai Design Library containing editor classes for ephys board configuration.
Open source .NET API for pr0gramm
Library for constructing Black Duck I/O with C#