Top 20 NuGet open Packages

Video Property for EPiserver 7 provides a rich interface for selecting a video clips with support for rendering preview/thumbnail in edit mode. Works with YouTube and Vimeo.
Generic List property for EPiserver 7 provides a possibility to IEnumerable property with UI support in edit mode.
VideoCloud Property. Provides the ability to select videos uploaded to Brightcove video cloud storage.
Quickly build simple reports in Excel OpenXML format.
Library for constructing Black Duck I/O with C#
Implements a simple facade to store data into a OpenTSDB database
Pleno Excel é um façade para o DocumentFormat.OpenXML muito simples de utilizar. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting; using MPSC.PlenoSoft.Office.Planilhas.Controller; using MPSC.PlenoSoft.Office.Planilhas.Integracao; ...
Open binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
EventBroker Class Library
Socrata Data Pipeline ETL Library
A preformant Open Sound Control library for .NET Standard from the creator of Rug.Osc
DSM Libraries - Core Module
DSM Service Agent Engine (Base Windows Service)
Nice Airplane Radar is nice and cool loader of real world air traffic. It is possible to get list of airplanes from networks like FlightRadar24, OpenSky Network and ModeSMixer2.
SocialAuth4Net is OAuth wrapper for popular social platforms that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and soon Google+, others
Open Waves
Provides strongly typed access to EPiServer lang (*.xml) files. Use TranslationKeys.MyPage.MyCategory.Intro.GetString() instead of string-based version LocalizationService.Current.GetString("/myPage/myCategory/intro")
Open Waves Navigation MegaMenu
ExtendedContentAreaEditor allows user to limit block types droped on ContentArea editor
Simple, complete, open source OSC implementation for .NET (2.0 and greater) and Mono. Message argument types supported are: int, long, float, double, string, symbol, bool, RGBA Color, Osc-Null, Osc-Timetag, Osc-Midi, impulse, char, blobs and arrays. Also boasts a full feature set including: Bundles,...