Top 20 NuGet open Packages

Package Description
MSBuild tasks and targets for code generation
Package Description
Class library that provides data for Australian holidays.
Class library containing GTFS data providers for Australian transport authorities.
Class library to query the Australian Business Register web services.
Open and close window in XAML
Open Spherical Camera API
Open-source C# shared library with various containers, classes, interfaces
Package Description
Unified way to storing and managing data.
CLR bindings to liboni, an ONI compliant API for data acquisition.
DataFileManager is a WinForms component that helps manage an application's data files. This component assists with tracking whether or not the current file has been saved, what the current file's name is, whether or not changes have been made, and helps ensure the user doesn't exit or load a file wi...
Handles Open Dialog window to upload or import a file
This package contains extension methods to the Tekla Structures Open Api assemblies i.e methods ModelObjectEnumerator.ToList()