Top 20 NuGet open Packages

Library to easily use dialogs from a View Model in Mahapps.Metro applications.
AppFabric wrapper using NCache to port your .Net application from AppFabric to NCache with minimal code change
Provides access to a "VisitDataRepository" based un the ORSCF standards
Core Umbraco package for Mapping services
Turn unstructured HTML pages into structured data. The OpenScraping library can extract information from HTML pages using a JSON config file with xPath rules. It can scrape even multi-level complex objects such as tables and forum posts.
Google Map Provider for Terratype, an Umbraco map datatype
Leaflet Provider for Terratype, an Umbraco map datatype
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to Open Exchange Rates objects.
Provides a simple HTML document parser that can be used to extract information from web pages. Social Meta-data can be easily extracted from page. Information is taken from Open Graph meta data or Twitter Card meta data, as well as standard HTML meta data.
Converts the ugly package that came from Open Protocol to an object
A .NET library for consuming the Dutch post code database. Uses RestSharp and Newtonsoft.Json. More information can be found on Access tokens can also be requested here. To contribute to the specification of this API, join the guys over at their repo: https...
.NET Standard version of Open Text Summarizer decides the most important sentences in a text, creates a summary and highlights the main topics.
A free and friendly library for creating and processing Microsoft Word documents aka DOCX files. Maintains compatibility with Microsoft Word 2007 and newer. Does not require Word installed. Supports .Net Core.
Provide a helper to get the list of all US states and list of neighboring states for each state
OpenShare.Net Service Library. Contains some ready made injectable services like HttpService for connecting to API's, MailService (uses Exchange Web Services), and allows for easy configuration with Configuration Factory and Configuration Service examples. See source code on Github by using the proj...
It is a standalone class library that allows to interact with Microsoft OneNote® documents for processing and conversion.
Plugin Description
This Package contains a extensible Map Control for Universal Windows Apps (Windows Phone, Desktop, Tablet, UWP etc.) Supported Maps: - OpenStreetMap - Google - Custom
A plugin to open your records in your browser. Choose the record type, enter a Guid and optionally select a form. The plugin will check if the record exists, and opens your record in your browser.
The Best Bank Portugal Connect is a open source C# library that helps to connect to the Best Bank's Open Banking PSD2 API, a bank based in Portugal. Features: -Authorization flow (OAuth 2) -Get Balances -Get Moviments -Make transferences -Make payments via portuguese standarts.