Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

Generated API documentation for Nancy using Swagger.
Carter is a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core.
Provides Swagger data by annotating modules and routes.
Nancy is a lightweight web framework for the .Net platform, inspired by Sinatra. Nancy aim at delivering a low ceremony approach to building light, fast web applications.
A forms authentication provider for Nancy.
Enables using the Razor view engine with Nancy.
Nancy Scaffolding with log, serializer, all structure to work good for me :D
An StructureMap bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
An Unity bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
A Windsor bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Adds Data Annotation validation support to Nancy.
Enables Nancy integration with Microsoft.Owin.Security middleware.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET NancyFX projects.
Test harness for Nancy applications.
Nancy extensions for OWIN hosting.
An additional library to handle security for Cimpress.Nancy
A helper library for handling reproducible tasks such as logging and authentication for Nancy microservices
Enables hosting Nancy in any application.
Provides JSON (de)serialization support using Newtonsoft.JsonNet.
An additional library to handle Swagger output for Cimpress.Nancy