Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

Provides polymorphic (de)serialization support using Hyperion.
Exceptionless client for Nancy applications. Exceptionless is a cloud based error reporting service that sends your exceptions to and provides aggregated views and analytics.
A dotnet-new template for Carter applications.
Simple URI builder for named Nancy routes
Nancy endpoint for the Topshelf service host providing additional support around URL reservations
Provides Hal+JSON media type support for Nancy.
Enable attribute routing for Nancy project, and build route URL with compiled-time checked lambda expression.
An Ninject bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET NancyFX projects.
.NET 4.5 Data Annotation support for Nancy
Microphone.Nancy Class Library
In-process memory sessions for NancyFx.
Nanophone Consul registry host
Nanophone Nancy registry tenant
Nanophone in-memory registry host
Nanophone extension for eBay fabio
Nanophone aspnetcore application services
This library simplifies the configuration (and dependencies) of Azure AD B2C within a Nancy OWin application. See for instructions on how to use.
Provides Swagger data by annotating modules and routes.
Generated API documentation for Nancy using Swagger.