Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

A library to add capabilities to a NancyFx web service to generate a json doc that complies to OpenApi spec 3.0.2.
Library providing prometheus metrics instrumentation to a NancyFx application.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET NancyFX projects.
Enables Nancy integration with Microsoft.Owin.Security middleware.
URI Template (RFC 6570) routing for Nancy
Package Description
Package Description
A .NET object model for the Swagger spec and Newtonsoft.
An Unity bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Microphone.Core Class Library
Adds Gzip Compression as HTTP Content-Encoding to NancyFX.
A dotnet-new template for Carter applications.
Provides RESTful Api and management front-end for Lemonade configuration framework.
An Ninject bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Nancy Module for the Helium Akka.Net framework. This package contains the Nancy Module implementation to perform all the required Helium Actions.
Enables hosting Nancy on WCF.
Provides JSON (De-)Serialization support for Nancy using Jil.
The library provides support for integrating Nancy with the Metrics.NET Library
A base implementation of hosting a Nancy Service in an application using StructureMap and Thuria
This package contains a Serialization implementation that can be used with the Nancy parts of Thuria framework. It uses the Newtonsoft.JSON framework to do JSON serialization