Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

The library provides support for integrating Nancy with the Metrics.NET Library
Provides JSON (De-)Serialization support for Nancy using NetJSON.
This library contains some simple error classes for a consistent way to handle errors in a NancyFX application.
AWS S3 ITokenKeyStore implementation
Microservice framework with powerful service discovery using Consul
Extensions to the standard forms authentication provider for Nancy.
RavenDb IAuthSessionIdStore implementation for Earthware.Nancy.Authentication.Forms package
This library provides a way to code C# in a way similar to how you're used to in Razor.Net. I't provides a way to embed views in libraries without having to embed your .cshtml files into your solution as an embedded resource which requires custom path providers and others libraries.
This library provides a NancControllerModule, this creates a Nancy Module which binds methods to routes similar to the way it looks and feels in Mvc.Net.
A library which enables Nancy requests validation against JsonSchema.
A DryIoc bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
An StructureMap bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Nancy.Raygun.AspNetCore is a non-official library, based on Nancy.Raygun, that wires up the error handling in Nancy to submit error to Raygun for dotnet core Nancy apps. See for more details about the Raygun service.
Botwin is a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core.
Fluent Validation v7 support for Nancy
Lightweight .NET component to create simple REST resources for Nancy. Nancy.RestModule decouples the module and the controller.
A request limiter based on the Leaky Bucket algorithm
Nancy Extension that integrates AspNetCore sessions into Nancy Sessions.
Package Description
Microservice framework with powerful service discovery using Consul