Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

PictureCut Wrapper for NancyFX framework
A library to extend your response payload with the Collection+Json hypermedia media type
AWS DynamoDb persistence for Nancy sessions
Provides WebSocket support to Nancy applications running on an ASP.NET host.
Provides a test harness for WebSocket testing in Nancy applications.
Nancy module for exposing a health check endpoint backed by Hihaj.HealthCheck.
A Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF2) bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Nancy plugin that makes wiring rollbar up very easy.
Nancy integration for NotDeadYet.
Adds JSON Patch functionality to Nancy
Adds fault tolerance to Nancy routes
Added support for patching models
Support for injectable actions in views for SuperSimpleViewEngine using TinyIoC
IP Locking for Nancy to restrict/allow access from certain IP addresses
RequestLogger that can be added to your Nancy application
F# types ModelBinder for Nancy.
delivers dynamic content with the speed of static content using asyncronous caching
Type-safe client-server communication for C# featuring Bridge.NET and Nancy.
Type-safe client-server communication for C# featuring Bridge.NET
Library providing Spring Boot's Actuator-like features to a NancyFx application.