Top 20 NuGet nancy Packages

Models to facilitate implementation and handling successful and error responses in web api.
A .NET object model for the Swagger spec and Newtonsoft.
The NancyFX extension package for Http Problem Details according to RFC 7807.
RavenDB Profiler for Nancy
delivers dynamic content with the speed of static content using asyncronous caching
Integrated Elmah logging in Nancy
Channel file for Facebook to address issues with cross domain communication in certain browsers.
Facebook Realtime Subscription API helper for Nancy
An endpoint implementation for the residence store protocol, as a Nancy Module.
ElmahR Api client for extended ElmahR dashboard using a Nancy endpoint (
Extended ElmahR dashboard using a Nancy endpoint to receive errors from anywhere.
This package contains code demonstrating the use of Fancy.
Nancy.Bootstrapper.Grace is a Nancy bootstrapper using Grace for dependency injection
Session providers for Nancy web framework. Currently, the MemorySessionProvider supported. SessionStart and SessionEnd events supported.
Nancy does not have a way to modify model after the route has been executed. The only option is to modify the serialized form. With this add-in it becomes possible to add custom processing of models once the route has been executed but before the result has been serialized.
Simple session store for Nancy using in memory cache
Razor view HtmlHelper extensions for Nancy.FlashMessages
Core flash message functionality for Nancyfx
FileUploader extensions for the nancyfx framework