Top 20 NuGet manage Packages

Service SDK for Azure IoT Hub
Flow orchestration framework for .NET applications
1. Retrieve Solutions 2. Make a Copy of Solution 3. Delete Solution 4. Export Solution to folder 5. Export Solution list to excel (This option not supported in plugin download from XrmToolBox, go to project URL to download that plugin with this option) 6. Publish All Customization.
AltoHttp provides fast and easy download management
AltoMultiThreadDownloadManager provides fast and easy management multithreading download
Manage mikrotik routers with .NET C# code via ADO.NET like API or enjoy O/R mapper like highlevel API.
User Interface to Manage EF Migrations for MVC applications. Once MVC application deployed and navigate to the application will redirect to the Manage Migrations(Database deployment) page for admin users and database maintenance page for non Admin users.
Manage activation/deactivation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows
Common functionality for ASP.Net MVC applications - configuration, generic controller, generic repository, generic version history controller, access denied attribute, account management.
HTML attribute affordances used to mitigate JS popup blockers. Designed especially for popups with audio/visual media. Protected $ alias works well with other JS libraries and Wordpress.
C# port of NrtManager and SearcherManager from Lucene 3.5.0
A .NET HttpClient wrapper for interacting with the ConnectWise Manage REST API.
Package Description
Package Description
Express Micro Permissions allows you to micro manage user defined permissions. Create permissions and permission groups and assign to users. It works with EF Core and SQL Server
Distribution client library