Top 20 NuGet feature Packages

A series of helpers and utilites for working with forms in MVC.
A frictionless RESTful client library for providing translations, feature toggles and configurations.
Provides RESTful Api and management front-end for Lemonade configuration framework.
Feature flags for .net
A SimpleInjector plugin for FeatureSelect
Client SDK for Bullet Train. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at
Simple feature configuration and availability-control for .NET. Please help me to improve the quality of NFeature by reporting issues on GitHub at, or emailing
Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET. This package contains initial support for boolean toggles that get their value from RavenDB
Allows Microsoft Sql Server to be used with Lemonade.
FeatureSwitcher is little library build to support you when you want to introduce feature switches/toggles in your code.
Analytic software used to track feature usage, exceptions, and all other interesting points.
Viewing featureflags within a project and an environment. To start, create a "FeatureFlags"-object , then use the method "ConfirmProjectAndEnvironment" and give as parameters the name of your project and name of your environment. Next, use the method "IsEnabled" with parameter the name of the featu...
A plugin to FeatureSwitcher to control feature switches/toggles in multitenant enviroments by utilizing Contexteer.
FutureFlag.Forms: a feature flag library designed to target Xamarin.Forms
FutureFlag: a feature flag library designed to target any .net application supporting netstandard 2.0
FeatureSwitch Asp.Net UI library
An extensible library for feature toggling in .NET
ASP.NET MVC extensions for RSFT - HtmlHelper extensions for RenderAction / RenderPartial that take feature config into account, Feature action filters + more
A tiny C# framework for feature toggling
Featurify is a package that provides the ability to selectively show features without the need for a new release. It specifically targets user specific features and leverages the DI framework to identify the metada and the user, instead of using application settings.