Top 20 NuGet feature Packages

FeatureSwitch plug-in for Glimpse
A simple feature-switch class which looks up features in app settings
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package is the common adapter test suite.
Adds permission based authorization capability on the top of Asp.NET MVC Identity framework
Official C# Library for the Feature Ops Web API
Feature flag utilities for .NET - based on etsy and reddit feature flag implementations.
SimpleML provides implementations of basic machine learning algorithms.
ASP.NET Core MVC using the onion architecture and feature folders
A FeatureSelect utility for loading features from configuration
Unit Test helper for Toggler library
FeatureSwitch integration library for Asp.Net Mvc
FeatureSwitch helper library to integrate with StructureMap v2.6
FeatureSwitch IoC container support for Unity
A feature flipping system for ASP.Net WebAPI.
A feature flipping system with Unity.
Feature Switch IoC container support for Ninject
Cookie backed repository for RToggle
A Sql feature source for FeatureSelect
FeatureSwitch cloud support library
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package makes use of Redis as a storage backend.