NuGet Package Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting

Requires Sitecore 10.2
Requires .NET Framework 4.8

Constellation is a collection of utilities for .NET CMS implementers.
The Feature.ItemSorting library solves the frequently occurring problem of managing a collection of Items that users will not organize themselves, but which they
expect to be organized.

Examples include Events in an Event Calendar, Press Releases, and Employee Bios. Users want them sorted by date and dictionary order, but
Sitecore offers little help beyond Subitems Sorting. Additionally, after a few dozen Items, users expect these entries to be grouped into folders. Enter this library!

This library features two simple Rule Actions:
- MoveToAlphabeticalFolder
- MoveToDateFolder

Included in /Installation-Packages/ is a Sitecore Package with the appropriate Rule definitions.

The package should self-install after being deployed to your environment.

Rule Actions:
Move Item to Alphabetical Folder - Allows you to specify the template of the folder to use for creating the alphabetical folders.
Move Item to Date Folder - Allows you to specify the template of the folder to use for creating the date folders. Requires you to specify the Field on the Item being
processed that should be used for categorization. Requires you to specify the depth of the associated folder tree. Options are /Year/, /Year/Month/, /Year/Month/Day/

In all cases, the "root" of the classification folders is the first encountered Ancestor that is not of the specified folder type.

Usage Details

Create your "list" page that will serve as the root of the classification. In our example we'll use "News"
2. For the Insert Options of your "list" page, include the ability to insert an Item of the type that requires classification. In our example, we'll use "Press Release"
(Note that Press Release must have a date field to use for classification.

In our example we'll use the custom field "Release Date". You can use "__Updated" or "__Created" too.)
3. Create a new Item Saved rule that specifies when an Item is of Template "Press Release" it should be moved to a Date Folder. Set the appropriate parameters.



Author(s): Richard J. Cabral
Last Update: Monday, November 15, 2021
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Install-Package Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting
dotnet add package Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting
paket add Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting
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