Top 20 NuGet feature Packages

ConfigurationSection repo for RToggle
Shared interfaces for RToggle
Backpack.Features is a simple c# library to support Feature Toggles (
Analytic software used to track feature usage, exceptions, and all other interesting points.
A Feature Toggle Library for .NET
Simple static 'Feature' class that is used to wrap App.Config AppSettings to enable/disable sections of code at runtime.
Stupidly simple and lightweight feature toggle for .Net
Easy way to determine features using configurable or runtime conditions
MiniToggle is a minimal feature toggle library designed to be simple and quick.
Simple helper module for reading/writing feature switches in the web.config of a ASP web application
Sample SDK Feature Flag
feature toggle handler for .NET modules
feature toggle handler for .NET Core modules
Add Feature Folders for ASP.NET Core 2.1 Web Application
A simple ASP.NET Core service extension to roll out some features by limiting the availability by date. - "For" property check option is added to a feature; to provide additional enable/disable check according a field.