Top 20 NuGet feature Packages

FeatureSwitch helper library for System.Web.Optimization
Reconfigured RSFT for web projects - adds cookie persistence to percentaged availability rules, offers query string overrides, enhances the feature configuration evaluation context so you can build rules based around HttpContext.Current
Feature Switch IoC container support for StructureMap
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package makes use of Consul as a storage backend.
Core library of FeatureSwitch
Featurify.Contracts provides all the necessary interfaces required to define classes required while adding the Featurify package for implementing user specific feature toggles
Feature Toggling Library for .NET
At under 5K minified & gzipped HeadJS provides you with: * Asset Loader: Load scripts and stylesheets when you need them. head.load("file1.js" , "file2.js" , function() { done(); }) head.load("file1.css", "file2.css", function() { done(); }) * JavaScript Organizer: Defer execution to the bottom of...
A .net client library for Hobknob
Enabling bundling support in feature-based project structure for ASP.NET MVC.
This is Elision Web Forms for Marketers feature package allows you to submit custom forms to Web Forms for Marketers allowing full control of markup and logic.
Featureflow dotnet client API allows you to add runtime feature management and rollout control to your .net application. Find out more at and
A simple feature toggle library for mvc.
Enabling feature-based project structure for ASP.NET MVC.
Some utility classes to help implement Feature Folders in a (pre core) MVC application.
MapSuite FDO Extension Wrapper is a .NET wrapper to assist in using the unmanaged MapSuite FDO Extension library. From the OSGeo website: “FDO Data Access Technology is an API for manipulating, defining and analyzing geospatial information regardless of where it is stored. FDO uses a provider-based...
Angular Feature Flags (angular-feature-flags) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Yet another Feature Flag (or Feature Toggle or Feature Switch) for your code.
A plugin to FeatureSwitcher to control feature switches/toggles from app.config.